“Balanced engines run better”
BetterĀ machined, betterĀ balancedĀ engines!

We are raising the industry standards with the Highest Quality Engine Kits available! The most important part of any kit is the crankshaft and our “BE40 Cranks” are better balanced “one piece” cranks. Guaranteed to give you more power, less vibration (especially at wide open throttle) and less maintenance issues.

We pay more to get you better engine and important accessories, with our kits you get…

– Better balanced crank (machined one piece sides, not bolt on weights)
– Better carburetor (speed carburetor w/ better air & fuel intake than stock NT)
– Better chain (415H for less maintenance)
– Better drive sprocket (41t for faster cruising speed than 44t)
– Better chain guide (4 bolt for stronger support)